Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Middlemarch Ch. 6-12 by George Eliot

I found the last half of Miss Brooke to be disappointing. I was hoping to see what the narrator had been alluding to with the comments of how Miss Brooke did not know what she was getting into by doting and marrying Mr. Casaubon. Instead, chapters 6 thru half of 10 further the story of Miss Brooke and Mr. Casaubon. Yet, once they are married they disappear completely from the story. The last half of chapter 10 begins to introduce us to new characters. This is unusual in a story – to come to the end only to meet new people. There is no satisfaction to how Dorothea enjoys her marriage or grows out of her naivety.

However, considering that the books were published in series, the last two chapters of Miss Brooke would serve as a cliffhanger. Introducing the new characters gives the reader an insight into what the next book will be about. This is important for two reasons: first, it keeps the reader’s interest. It could take a while for the next book to be released. A cliffhanger insures that the reader is anxious to know what happens next. Secondly, it connects the books in a series. By introducing the next book’s characters at the end of the current book, it allows the reader to know that the next book will be continuing the same story using the same setting and background as in the first book.

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